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bulthaup continues to dazzle at the april milan salone. their flagship store at via durini, adjacent to the fashion district of milan was transformed to showcase the latest.  presented in surroundings that have been reduced to the bare minimum, bulthaup solitaires take center stage at the via durini showroom. the solitaires meet humanity’s growing need for greater individualization and choice. the solitaires can be placed anywhere in the room, alone or in combination with other bulthaup product lines – as the owner prefers.

ceo mark eckert delivered a great speech that sums up the spirit of bulthaup 2014 collection.


the bulthaup solitaire – freedom, functionality and individuality

as the solitaires can be utilized from all sides, preparing food in the kitchen becomes a completely new experience. users can quickly and easily access all functional elements, no matter where they are standing. everyone involved can play an equal part in the process. shared activity and communication is the focus.

the solitaires are based on a structure developed specifically for this purpose, with profiles in untreated or powder-coated aluminum radiating from a circular joint. height-adjustable 45-degree brackets slot into perforations on the interior of the legs. these are used to hold various functional elements in place. users can choose from the following elements in a range of sizes: the bulthaup grid, which serves as an accent piece in oak, walnut or powder-coated aluminum; chopping boards in oak, walnut or mineral composite; and insertable shelf boards in oak or walnut are available with or without functional prisms for tailored storage. pull-out shelf boards with an optional glass frame lend the solitaire an extra special character, adding flair with oak, walnut or aluminum basic frames. these can be fitted with functional prisms in line with the owner’s requirements.


preparation element


the square preparation element can be placed anywhere in the room and is accessible from all sides. the solid oak or walnut top is treated with food-safe oil developed specifically for this purpose, much like a chopping board. owners who don’t mind patina or traces of use can chop and prepare food directly on this surface. the block’s natural beauty emerges through repeated deployment, creating a one-of-a-kind piece. a pull-out chopping board is an added option.

users can freely choose from a range of functional elements, including the grid, chopping board, and pull-out or insertable shelf boards, to create a personalized unit that fits their needs. the solitaire can be utilized in various ways and opens up numerous creative possibilities whether it is deployed as a surface for cutting and preparing foods, as a table for a cocktail reception or as a buffet for finger food.


with their interplay of open and closed areas, the square and rectangular display cases create a dynamic atmosphere. the glass inlays showcase the shape of the solitaire. users can combine various functional elements including grids, chopping boards and pull-out or insertable shelf boards to create a one-of-a-kind unit precisely tailored to their preferences. thanks to its extraordinary appearance, the presentation element serves as a true eye-catcher in otherwise streamlined kitchens. the boundary between the kitchen and the living space continues to blur. treasured items such as cutlery passed down from grandparents are no longer hidden behind cabinet doors. instead, they can be displayed to great effect in the bulthaup presentation element.


wall-mounted shelving element


bulthaup’ s wall-mounted shelving element represents a break from the rigid organizational structures of conventional kitchens. it provides new storage space on the wall that is both functional and ergonomically accessible. the element rises up from the worktop to create a whole new atmosphere. the lower section, complete with drawers, is a continuation of the worktop. it enables users to quickly access kitchen accessories, such as dish cloths, tea towels or bulthaup jars for seasonings and spices, yet does not take away from the depth of the worktop. the upper section offers space for storage and organization. the owner is free to choose between glass doors and ones made of other bulthaup materials depending on whether they wish to conceal their tools or showcase treasured items.


cooking table


whether it’s used as a place for family and friends to gather, for preparing meals or as a cooking island, the bulthaup cooking table makes cooking the focus of the room. pushed together, the element appears to be a conventional wooden table. but once the wings of the table are pulled out, it opens up to reveal the interior – a combination of a concrete space and a cooktop. preparing, cooking and eating a meal at the same table creates a feeling of togetherness and fosters communication. food can be whipped up and kept warm on the cooktop and then placed within everyone’s reach on the concrete surface.


waste element


the mobile waste element can be placed anywhere it is needed. fitted with wheels, it can move freely around the kitchen or any other room. the lid lifts up to allow owners to remove waste quickly and easily. moreover, each section of the solitaire swings out to the side. the mobile waste element can be fitted with one or two sections, depending on local recycling regulations and personal preferences.


please refer to http://www.uk.bulthaup-press.net/bulthaup/pressnet/5_9/en/home.nsf/contentview/F60AD174AC3FF05CC1257CB60034D053 for details.


about bulthaup

bulthaup is a global leader in the premium kitchen segment. the independent family-owned and – operated business is now in its third generation, with ceo marc o. eckert at the helm. bulthaup’s commitment to quality, function and design, combined with a genuine passion for innovation, have made the brand a driving force in the market.


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