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luft. air, flight. fluid design. but also ergonomics and comfort. technology and research. an armchair for relaxation, reflection.

1luft is the new armchair designed by walter maria de silva, director of the design volkswagen group, in association with audi design. rigorous interpretation and a fine balance between the top-quality craftsmanship and tradition of Poltrona Frau and the technology and innovation for which audi design is famed.

luft_the_new_armchair_by_walter_maria_de_silva-in_association_with_audi_designluft_the_new_armchair_by_walter_maria_de_silva-in_association_with_audi_design_05luft is a meeting of two worlds also in terms of its processing, which brings together construction techniques from the residential world and the luxury in motion sector, an area in which Poltrona Frau has worked for almost 30 years and where its excellence is recognised at international level.


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