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USM is a family company since 1885. USM stands for timeless design and the highest level of quality. USM U.Schärer Söhne AG, employs around 400 employees at its headquarters in switzerland and at its sister companies in germany, france and the usa. the manufacturer with the swiss production location is represented in over 30 countries world-wide via sales.

it began in 1885, as a hardware store and locksmiths in münsingen, near bern (ch), far removed from design and furniture making.

in the twenties, the company developed into a small factory specializing in window fittings. after the second world war, the company extended production to include metal work and sheet-metal working. the turnaround to significant design orientation was at the beginning of the sixties, when paul schärer, junior, dipl.ing. ethz joined the company. the company took a decisive step by engaging its industrial company with the commission for the construction of a completely new factory.
the architectural commission went to fritz haller, at that time an architect based in solothurn (ch),who went on to be the professor at the university of karlsruhe (d). the functional building, based on a modular steel construction system, was completely neutral in concept and could be converted or extended according to requirements. it was the inspiration behind the fascinating USM modular furniture “haller” product line which USM originally developed for its own use, by transferring from the macro into the micro sector. USM haller modular furniture was launched onto the market in 1965 and since then is a watchword for timeless design all over the world. in 1988, USM haller furniture system is acknowledged and honoured in germany as work of applied art protected by copyright. its acceptance into the design collection of the museum of modern art (MoMA) in new york (usa) at the end of 2001 is a high distinction and confirms the artistic character of the product. the famous classic is used in offices and public buildings as well as in the private sphere. over the past years, other product lines have been developed which are mutually compatible and which by now have become sought-after swiss export products: USM display (presentation system in 1989), USM kitos (modular table system in 1990) and completed by USM inos (internal organization system in 1996).

USM is timeless. often asked by members of the press to send “new product”,  USM public relation quipped that  there are no new products, but new pictures of their system configured into new furniture pieces. like the brick toy produced by lego, USM is made up of consistent parts, which can be reconfigured for different usage. the “new” is the ongoing expanding clienteles, fans who discovered this staunch product.

USM is in fortune 500 companies; is in homes of design conscious connoisseurs who expect nothing but the best. just log into their website www.usm.com and you will see what the fuss is all about.



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