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a unique shape offering an unprecedented level of comfort.

the leopard fuses robot technology and chair design to offer an innovative style and exceptional comfort. the leopard’s comfort-driven design and functionality facilitates creativity and brings a touch of class to collaborative work spaces.

the okamura leopard chair has been introduced in all ETR500 series trains of tTrenitalia, the largest railway company in italy. as part of the current renovation project, the okamura leopard chair has been installed in the conference rooms of executive carriages on the route between milan-rome-napoli. the Interiors of the train cars were masterfully designed by world renowned giugiaro designs. the concept of 4 levels of service – executive, business, premium, and standard was introduced in this project. gGiugiaro designs felt the leopard chair was the perfect fit for the executive level of service. the trains operate on the route between milan-roma-napoli and it can reach the maximum speed of 300 km/h. ETR500 series trains run between Roma and Milan in 3 hours. the concept of the leopard chair is a joint development with okamura and OKI electric industry co., ltd. the robotic technology courtesy of OKI’s mechatronic engineering and okamura’s seating technology were fused during the design process. applying mechanisms related to a human knee, the leopard provides unprecedented seating comfort. the exceptional support adapts to every change in posture from sitting to standing for optimal ergonomics. due to the innovation in technology and design, the leopard chair has been awarded high honors such as the FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award, Good Design Award, and Best of NeoCon Innovation Award.

Leopard_train car

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