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sit in a stable position at any time in a stylish design “techno kids chair stella”.
“techno kids chair stella” grows with your child.  kids can sit in a stable posture by adjusting the depth and height of the seat and also the height of the foot step. it’s available in four colors – light blue, pink, green and blue.

the chair that grows with your child.



the top and bottom of the seat adjustment
the gas spring mechanism allows you to adjust the seat height in a second in the range of 13 cm. the operation lever is on the right side of the back of the seat surface.



slide bearing surface
slide in and out to adjust the seat depth.  the operation lever is on the left side of the seat surface.



adjust the height of the foot step
foot step height can be adjusted in five levels corresponding to the range of 12cm (No. JIS2 ~ 4) 120cm ~ 150cm height. this indicator may be used as a reference with your child’s height.



the foot step is removable
the foot step is easily removed without tools when your child no longer needs it.



stopper for seat surface rotation is available
by operating the lever on the front right of the seat surface, you will be able to lock the rotation of the seat surface.



caster lifting
caster subduction will activate in weight when you sit down.  the caster with a stopper is to prevent inadvertent movement and fall when your kid is using the chair. it is also possible to remove the switching mechanism in the lever.

*subduction caster lifting is required with mass of 26kg or more.

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