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danish design scene continues to flourish in malaysia with launch of REPUBLIC OF Fritz Hansen by XTRA furniture

danish design aficionados can now end the year on a high note; XTRA furniture is spoiling everyone with exciting treats by the  REPUBLIC OF Fritz Hansen launching in malaysia that will proffer luxury pieces, both classics and newer designs, from the danish furniture icon. partnering with XTRA furniture, the company will offer the cutting-edge, contemporary style and high-quality craftsmanship the brand is known for worldwide. those who have waited since salone internazionale del mobile 2014 will finally be able to get their hands on arne jacobsen’s EGGTM chair, SWANTM chair and DROPTM chair – all which were specially designed for the royal hotel, copenhagen.

while the pieces were created in the 1950s, a line of beauty is a line of beauty, and each of them highlights an organic form and clean sensibility that has made danish furniture so beloved and cherished around the world. the chairs may be more than half a century old since they were first designed, but they remain relevant and iconic. The REPUBLIC OF Fritz Hansen has made them available in fabric and leather in a range of contemporary colors.

Iconic SAS Royal Hotel designed by Arne Jacobsen, furnished with his furniture, recently refurbished by Fritz Hansen adding Jaime Hayon designs

iconic sas royal hotel designed by arne jacobsen, furnished with his furniture, recently refurbished by Fritz Hansen adding jaime hayon designs

Favn sofa and Ro chair designed by Jaime Hayon

FAVN sofa and ROchair designed by jaime hayon

the chairs are versatile enough for almost all public areas, play and living spaces. like jaime hayon’s previous creations for Fritz Hansen – the FAVN™ sofa (2011) and easy chair and footstool RO™ (2013), all are already modern classics.

with hardly a home, office or museum’s contemporary product collection without an item from Fritz Hansen, mid-century danish furniture from the 143-year old company is adored worldwide for its high-quality craftsmanship and sleek sensibilities emphasizing the purity of material, form or purpose. the REPUBLIC OF Fritz Hansen store fuels the nation’s love for fresh, uncluttered scandinavian design, and brings with it the brand’s 20th century design heritage with modern classics like the RO™ easy chair by jaime hayon, MinusculeTM by cecilie manz, RIN™ chair by hiromichi konno and Space™ chair by Jehs+Laub.


limited editions

limited edition Egg™ chair

the inspiration for the Egg™ chair derives from arne jacobsen’s use of classic bluish color tones – prominent both in arne jacobsen’s diverse color scale and in the world-renowned room 606 at the sas royal hotel in copenhagen. the indigo blue fabric is part of the canvas series by kvadrat, and has been chosen to celebrate and revisit arne jacobsen’s thoughts on artistically colored furniture.

to highlight the craftsmanship and the 1200 hand-sewn stitches that goes into the making of each Egg™ chair, it is equipped with a dark brown leather piping. the idea is to emphasise the iconic, organic lines of arne jacobsen’s design. to suit the grey undertones of the fabric and make the overall appearance of the chair less formal, the base has been made in a burnished look.

the good folks at Fritz Hansen aims of making furniture that will be part of your daily life. and we believe that this edition of the Egg™ with its informal appearance fulfills that wish, as it has been designed especially to fit in any home or setting of your desire.

to maintain its exclusivity, only 999 Egg chairs have been produced. for more information, click here.

 limited edition of Serie 7™  chair

5arne jacobsen is perhaps one of the most influential pioneers in the concept of nordic simplicity. and his stackable Series 7™ chair (made very popular by the above mentioned profumo scandal) earned arne jacobsen and REPUBLIC OF Fritz Hansen a prominent place in design history.

for the 60th anniversary of the Series 7™ in 2015, two special editions of the 3107 chair have been made. the chairs have been designed both to stand out on their own, and to complement each other. contrasts are the keyword in the 60th anniversary edition – it is all about contrast, both in materials, surfaces and colors. the two chairs have been created with a masculine or feminine perspective – as a deep dark blue shell with powder coated legs in a burnished look and a pale pink shell with gold-plated legs (24 kt). while the deep dark blue and the pale pink may contrast each other, they are also two colors that when combined, both display a calming and elegant look.

each piece comes with a golden plate mounted on the bottom of the shell showing that it is part of the 60th anniversary edition. the chair is a limited edition, which is only sold in 2015 and each chair is numbered.

for more information, click here.

about REPUBLIC OF Fritz Hansen

started in 1872 by cabinet maker fritz hansen in copenhagen, REPUBLIC OF Fritz Hansen is one of the giants in luxury furniture today, partnering with the best talents in furniture and product design, as well as architecture. its rich collection spanning more than 140 years now includes classic designs by arne jacobsen, hans j. wegner and poul kjærholm, as well as modern designs from jaime hayon, todd bracher, kasper salto and cecilie manz.

watch this visual journey of the design philosophies of fritz hansen and arne jacobsen:

about XTRA furniture

established in 1995, XTRA has made its name as a premier importer and retailer of progressive furniture and lighting in malaysia. its 20,000 square foot multi brands showroom is situated in the deluxe gardens mall.

XTRA’s professionalism and selection of brands reflect the discerning tastes of its design-savvy clientele. XTRA’s impeccable collection under XTRA design boasts pieces that reflect today’s lifestyle, featuring living solutions that marry elements of style, comfort and quality.

For more information, visit  www.xtrafurniture.com