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from 1 march to 31 march 2015

design: peter opsvik

launching in march 2011, the HÅG capisco puls is the latest in contemporary office seating from norwegian seating specialists HÅG. equally suited to the sophisticated professional and the modern trendsetter, the HÅG capisco puls spans all tastes and styles, creatively combining work and play. in 1984, HÅG introduced the iconic HÅG capisco chair and set the standard for the future of office seating. co-designed with leading furniture designer and ergonomics expert peter opsvik, the HÅG capisco was inspired by the dynamic posture of a rider and features an unusual saddle-style seat. new for 2011, the HÅG capisco puls is a modern update from the capisco family, sitting at the forefront of the next generation of working chairs.


the success of the HÅG capisco was its combination of ergonomic sophistication and quirky design. the new HÅG capisco puls follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, renewing HÅG’s passion for movement and capturing the spirit of the modern office environment. the HÅG philosophy is rooted in the idea that people are not designed to lead sedentary lives, as we require movement and activity in order to stay healthy. to improve well-being whilst at work, the HÅG capisco puls responds to the body’s natural movements and encourages constant activity, ensuring a comfortable, balanced posture that is also dynamic. the HÅG capisco puls also follows a stringent green initiative that ensures that it is manufactured from recycled materials where possible, minimizing the carbon footprint of each chair.


a modern and flexible office chair

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