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the Rolf Benz 590 recliner is made for people who seek the ultimate in flexible relaxation. appealing and inviting in its design, this wellness recliner quickly becomes a treasured and constant companion through all life’s ups and downs. design: prof. stefan heiliger


Rolf Benz 590 bears the unmistakable signature of contemporary modernist styling, with core qualities lovingly selected to match its striking exterior. offering both sophisticated appeal and exquisitely crafted detail, this model can be infinitely adjusted into any required seating or reclining position.

the sensation of lightweight relaxation is achieved using what is known as the hammock effect: the recliner is designed to ensure that the body’s weight is ideally distributed in the reclining position.

product features Rolf Benz 590:

• infinitely variable functional recliner
• 2 different sizes
• 2 foot designs:
• 2 fußvarianten:
• base plate, matt chrome plated silver coloured plastic
• star base in steel, gloss chrome plated, matt chrome plated or stainless steel
• closed armrest covered in upholstery material
• optionally with or without motor
• motor: optionally with or without rechargeable battery
• design: prof. stefan heiliger
• made in germany

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