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meet the new definition of freedom. rolf benz plura  gives you all the possibilities you could wish for to live the way you want to. whether it be upright seating, laid-back relaxing or comfortable snoozing – this multi-functional sofa can adapt to your favourite position in just a few moves. different elements and designs give you the freedom to adapt rolf benz plura to completely match your personal needs.


the soft, radius-accentuating design of the cushions stands in charming contrast on rolf benz plura to the rectilinear metal frame that comes in silver, black painted or high-gloss chrome to match your personal style and design preferences. carefully-finished decorative seams accentuate the sofa’s superlative quality, which comes with 3 different seating heights to reflect your ergonomic needs.


rolf benz plura adapts to your desire for comfort whenever you want it to. the folding side part, the swivelling seat and the steplessly backwards and upwards-adjustable back are what makes this versatility possible. whether it be sitting, lounging, relaxing or sleeping – now there’s nothing stopping you doing whatever you want. fold the back upwards, and rolf benz plura transforms into a high-backed armchair. fold the side part down and swivel the seat, and rolf benz plura becomes a comfortable long chair.

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