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the development of a child begins at home. in fact, all children deserve a healthy dose of love, care, attention and mentally stimulating environments. in our quest to provide our children with the most healthy and mentally stimulating environments possible, we bring you some of the best imported furniture for kids to enrich your home with!

 USM haller storage for kid’s room

flexible furnishing solutions that grow with your child. children love bright colors and need a lot of storage space. USM offers furnishing solutions that grow with us, that can be configured flexibly and that accompany us throughout our lives.

the right furniture makes it easier for children to immerse themselves in their fantasy worlds and explore their surroundings. colorful and flexible furnishing systems adjust to their needs perfectly and grow with them.

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colorful and lively furnishing solutions for the next generation. the children’s room unites numerous worlds: discovering – resting – laughing – playing; no other room needs to be as adaptable as the children’s room


Vitra eames elephant

few animals are as popular as the elephant; an animal that has become part of our lives and seen in the form of stuffed toys, storybook characters even heraldic animals. admired for its majestic size, loved for its gentle nature and adored for its playful demeanour, the elephant has earned a special place in our hearts.

eames elephant 1

eames elephant2

charles and ray eames also succumbed to the pachyderm’s charm and developed a toy elephant made of plywood in 1945. however, this piece never went into production. now manufactured in plastic, the eames elephant is available for the first time to the target group for which it was originally intended: children.

eames elephant3
whether as a sturdy indoor-outdoor toy or simply as an attractive object in a child’s room, this friendly looking animal with prominent, oversized ears will bring delight to children and parents alike.

Vitra panton junior

with its bright, cheerful colours and smooth curves, the panton chair has always been a favourite of children – both as a chair and as a plaything. This led verner panton to consider the idea of producing a child-size version of the chair together with Vitra over 35 years ago.

50-years-Panton-Chair 417-Vitra-panton-junior-12
proving impossible at the time for economic reasons, this aim was finally achieved in 2008 with the introduction of panton junior, a chair based on the designer’s original plans. identical to the regular model with regard to material and shape, the children’s chair is approximately 25 percent smaller than the full-size panton chair. this makes panton junior, which is available in six different colours, an ideal chair for children in nursery and elementary school.

panton_chair_classic_all__40844_zoom vitra-panton-junior-silla-chair-9 panton_junior_vitra PANTONjunior

Vitra tip ton

tip ton defines a whole new chair typology: the solid plastic chair with forward-tilt action which helps straighten the pelvis and spine.


its benefits were confirmed by a study by eth zurich – a leading university of applied sciences – which found that that a forward-leaning sitting position increased muscle activity in the abdominal and back areas, which boosts the supply of oxygen to the body.


made of polypropylene and manufactured from a single mould without any mechanical components, tip ton is extremely durable and 100% recyclable.


Untitled2 tip-ton-grey-2_1

check out this fun video of the tip ton

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