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Nervous System is a design studio based in somerville, massachusetts, and is led by jessica rosenkrantz and jesse louis-rosenberg. they have also developed the world’s first kinematic dress, using a high-tech 4d printing system that generates complex and foldable forms.

with each dress shaped according to a specific 3 dimensional body print, and consisting of thousands of unique interlocking components, this single folded piece requires no assembly once printed.

“the Kinematics dress represents a new approach to manufacturing which tightly integrates design, simulation, and digital fabrication to create complex, customized products.” Nervous System


Nervous System’s 4d dress

by using a smart folding solution, coined as Kinematics, the designers at Nervous are able to compress these body specific garments into smaller forms, allowing for complex structures larger than the 3d printers themselves, that automatically unfold into their designated shape – making the overall manufacturing process highly efficient.

the custom-fit dress displayed in this article is structured by 2279 unique triangular panels, which are interconnected by 3316 hinges.

interestingly, although each component is made of nylon and is fairly tough, due to the continuous “fabric” pattern, the structure gains fluidity and behaves according to body movement. thanks to 3d printing, the possibility to create patterns in varying sizes, rigidity and flex, allow for some highly interesting designs and shapes.


the continuous pattern gives the dress fluidity, behaving according to motion

Nervous System has also developed an app, which gives the user the possibility to design his/her own dress. after uploading a body scan, it enables the user to manipulate the garment’s shape and pattern size, as well as colouring it in.

“the entire piece is customizable, from fit and style to flexibility and pattern, with Kinematics Cloth our first app for clothing.” Nervous System

KinematicAPP (1)

the Kinematic Cloth app allows users to design their own dress

manufactured at the Shapeways factory new york, it was printed through Selective Laser Sintering, over a period of 48 hours. the Kinematics dress and Kinematics Cloth app, along with the Kinematics concept video were purchased by Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) for its permanent collection. the dresses aren’t yet on sale, but users can upload their designs from their app and expect them to start producing in the year to come.


a detailed view of the intricate pieces which compose this unique dress

“4D-printed” shape-changing dress and jewellery by Nervous System from Dezeen on Vimeo.


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