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the arrangement of objects reflects individual choices –

USM provides the structure for expressing your personal style.


from storage furniture to bookshelves: the origin of modularity is a chrome ball joint. from there, chrome tubes and metal insert panels allow whatever the user imagines to come to life.

as individual as you


USM modular furniture haller opens enormous freedom in design. freestanding as a room divider or precisely fitted as a supplement to the architecture – it adjusts to the user in form, function and color.

the design classic never rests


understatement coupled with a wealth of functionality allow the design classic, ennobled as a “piece of applied art,” to remain timeless. its constantly adapted accessories ensure that it keeps pace with the times.

solid values


dynamic in its form, stable in its value: USM haller: materials of the highest quality, solid construction and flexibility create added value as a future-oriented system.

stylish entertainment

stylish entertainment

when you’re dealing with the creation of a brand, systematic analyses and structural thinking are part of the craft. alexander gächter, a visual designer with a weakness for the three dimensions therefore had the necessary know-how to design his own very special storage unit. it now graces almost three meters of one wall in his zurich city apartment in a 1920s-era multi-family house. gächter put the beautiful piece together in modules so it could meet any need. he really thought of everything. for example, it is precisely deep enough that the soon to be forty-year-old apple of his eye, the “grundig studio 2000 hifi” has the perfect place for itself. and it all started with the cds that gächter simply wanted to accommodate stylishly at long last. in any event, he has a few dozen more now.

colours of life

Colours of Life2 Colours of Life Colours of Life3

it took two years, from 2008 to 2010, to construct this extensive property featuring exposed concrete, lake views, and alpine panoramas. the owners also eschewed the ordinary in designing their three children’s rooms. on their first day of school, each child received USM furnishings in their choice of color. the oldest decided on green, the daughter on ruby red, and the youngest on golden yellow. “do you still have the furnishings from your childhood room?” the owner slyly asks. of course not. most people part with their child furniture as they grow up. but these, the father rightly presumes, will probably move with his children when they finally leave home. that is the advantage of a timeless classic.

before after

Before After (2) Before After (3) Before After

when he began renovating the kitchen of his montmartre apartment, françois motte decided against a standard kitchen cabinet. USM fit the bill, setting itself apart in its design, its robustness, and its color. the red confidently draws attention to itself against the blue backdrop. plates and glasses are placed in the drawers, while utensils are stashed where pens would usually be found. after using the drawers for two months, motte found that he had outgrown the storage, so he added shelves. then, two years later, he decided to give his collection of approximately 300 cookbooks a proper home. USM suggested a vertical expansion of the “cupboard,” in the form of three shelves precisely tailored to the shape of the books. now, his comprehensive culinary library is on beautiful display.





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