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the only constant is change. this is true in our personal lives – and even more so in our working environments. work philosophies, furnishing trends and technical aids constantly test the ways in which we work.

that is why it is essential to be able to build on flexible systems and solid values. USM has stood for modularity coupled with value for more than 45 years. with the highest quality materials, swiss manufacturing, modifiable functionalities and timeless design, USM modular furniture is much more than just an everyday work aid: it is a future oriented asset.

the “working essentials” program offers inspiration in the form of real-life styles used within the world of USM modular furniture. the enclosed brochure showcases exemplary solutions for home and office.

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USM storage systems and furniture is widely used across the globe in a variety of businesses from prestigious multinational corporations to nifty urban studios.

bundeshaus parliament building, bern (switzerland) – built in 1902, this magnificent historical structure whose grandeur and symbolism are exceeded only by that of cathedrals

red bull japan office, tokyo (japan) – familiar with the timeless design and flexible character of the USM furniture, it came as no surprise when red bull japan moved their office in 2012 that they chose USM again to furnish their new and larger space.

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ARA service building, bern (switzerland) – one of the largest and most complex wastewater treatment plants in switzerland.

RIGGENBACH AG, brugg (switzerland) – the newly built branch of RIGGENBACH AG, ventilation and air conditioning technicians plan and perfect efficient, environmentally friendly building technologies. the company began as a family business in 1961 and today employs 140 people at three sites in central switzerland.

CTP CARGO, rellingen (germany) – just the exterior view of the new company premises gives away what sector CTP Service GmbH works in. as throughout the entire building, they are composed of white USM haller shelving and black USM haller linoleum tables.

Ernst & Young, zürich (switzerland) – lots of glass and hardly a right angle in sight – auditing and advisory firm Ernst & Young’s prestigious new “platform” building is an eye-catcher.  aware that the available floor space would be limited from the start, the project managers gave maximum priority to layout planning.

Ernst & Young (4) Bundeshaus  (2)

musashino, tokyo (japan) – some of the biggest names in design were once students here: nissan’s shiro nakamura, audi’s satoshi wada and panasonic’s toyoyuki uematsu. Musashino Art University (MAU) is famous not only in japan but throughout the world. founded in 1929 as the Teikoku (Imperial) Art School, it has taught fine art and industrial design since its very beginning. in 1962, it became a university.

professional engineering company, wellington (new zealand) – this multinational engineering and design firm has 150 offices and 14,000 employees distributed around the globe, and utilizes USM office furniture to brighten and enliven its workplaces.

Nike European Headquarters, hilversum (netherlands) – hilversum is where europe’s sports-shoe elite meet for exciting exchanges of ideas, meetings about trends and relaxing coffee breaks. this scene, which seems at first glance dedicated exclusively to catering and relaxation, is in truth a meeting hotspot and thus the office’s creative heart.

Louvre-Lens, lens (france) – the beautifully simple spirit of the Louvre-Lens art museum in northern france is what led to the choice of USM modular furniture for the museum shop and restaurant.




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