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Qeeboo’s foray into Kong has exploded in terms of publicity, making grand appearances internationally, from the “jungles” of Milan Rinascente to Asia, even the great Summer Palace in Beijing, China.


At the Summer Palace, an Imperial Garden in Beijing


Kong, the Gorilla Lamp and Killer, the Shark Umbrella Holder at excelsior Milano during the Design Week


Qeeboo travels the world; to your home and heart.


A gift for children and your inner child.


The gentle beast that you can rely on.


Kong and Rabbit took part in the Fuorisalone during Milan Design Week !!!

XTRA is pleased to bring you Giraffe in Love, Kong and Rabbits by Qeeboo! Watch out for the arrival of these animals via ship in June 2019.

Have you grown fond of them yet? They are now available for pre-order at the XTRA showroom at The Gardens Mall.