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since 1974, HÅG has partnered with legendary norwegian peter opsvik and his design team to develop the ergonomic principles that continues to build its business on today. the capisco collection has won several prizes for its unique functions and design over the last two decades and continues to make a striking statement. capisco’s saddle-shaped seat is the result of opsvik’s research into the working styles of active horsemen, allowing people unrivaled freedom to move into different, natural sitting positions not possible in conventional office chairs.


why use the capisco?
• it promotes active sitting
• it simulates the health benefits of a horse rider
• it encourages freedom of movement
• it increases blood circulation
• it boosts productivity
• it encourages sitting postures that strengthen back muscles

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• ergonomic saddle seat design encourages movement and active sitting
• array of ergonomic adjustments including seat height, seat depth, backward tilt tension, and tilt lock
• available in three pneumatic lift heights with up to 10″ of seat height adjustment
• tall pneumatic lifts (265mm) perfectly complements taller work stations
• 24% post-consumer recyclable materials
• 95% recyclable

HÅG capisco promotion

hag capisco promotion


if product design award
award for design excellence
reddot design award
classic award for design excellence

capisco awards

HÅG capisco puls promotion

hag capisco puls promotion


• if product design award 2011
• reddot design award
• award for design excellence from the norwegian design council

capisco puls awards

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