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the RB 590, is a rare yet well-known breed of armchairs from fabled german brand Rolf Benz. designed by prof. stefan heiliger, the RB 590 recliner was crafted in the name of ultimate relaxation. RB590 visually, it is a stunning union of sleek contours, lush upholstery and alluringly well-placed cushioning. and while that may already be reason enough to own one, the true magic in the RB 590 lies in its zero-gravity ergonomics. collage infinitely adjustable to fulfill a variety needs, the RB 590 provides for complete comfort throughout its entire range of positions. by ensuring that the body’s weight is optimally distributed when reclined, it creates the hammock effect and induces the sensation of weightless relaxation. take a gander at it and you will fall in love, but lie back on it and you will discover a world of bliss that you would yearn to return to time and again.

the ROLF BENZ lounger model 590 is available at a promotional price of only  Rm16,900 (excl gst) and RM17,914 (incl 6% gst).

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