One of the hallmarks of expormim is craftsmanship. Communication with our hands is the first worldwide language of humanity. Before words, there were signs, the same way that before industry, there was craftsmanship. Using craftsmanship as a means of expression is practiced by only a few companies these days and amongst them is Expormim. Rattan is a language coded by the expert hands of craftsmen. And this code is so deeply rooted in the origins of the human race, the ancestral art of wicker baskets, and the weaving and bending of the cane to produce everyday objects, that everyone can understand it. The region of ‘La Costera’, home to the town of Moixent, where Expormim is located, has a long tradition of craftsmanship using materials such as wicker, esparto and cane. And by long we mean a hundred-year-old tradition. In a rural environment with an economy based on agriculture, this industry supported many families. The wicker baskets were needed in the vineyards to carry grapes. Esparto was used to make espadrilles, mats, and seats, as well as to fan the flames, and it was even used for decorative objects. We are the heirs to those craftsmen, we learnt from them and they still inspire us today.

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