It all started in Hong Kong in 1989. Maiori Design is born. Founded as MDF (Manufacture Design Factory) Maiori positioned itself as a manufacturer of furniture parts, able to manage the manufacture of its products from design to marketing. We were then at the dawn of globalisation. The Berlin Wall had just fallen and China was opening up to the outside world, Another new economic and creative dynamic was taking over. Production was being outsourced now, particularly in Asia and lifestyles and consumption patterns were evolving too.

Conscious of the ongoing evolution, Maiori relied on know-how, tradition and craftsmanship, all of which were propelled in an industrial, global and world-wide logic. Furniture from MDF factories were in line with European standards, while at the same time, the brand also set up a Research & Development department in which the designers involved could monitor, supervise and control the production of their objects. This prompted Maiori to design its own pieces of furniture, for itself but also for other brands. Maiori established itself by placing its label on “in-house” designs and creations fitting its values, spirit and philosophy. That is to say, that could offer a quality of execution at an affordable price, without neglecting creativity, innovation and the relevance of breaking away from fashions and trends.

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