world’s most comfortable and beautiful chair?

the contessa chair represents the ultimate in style that is worthy of the name. the colour of the mesh is soft and lively. the superb design merges seamlessly with any work environment and sitting posture. the “smart operation” concept achieves simple and responsive operation. the contessa ergonomic mesh chair brings inspiration to everyone who experiences its extraordinary comfort. offices all over the world are making way for the contessa revolution in style, comfort and design.

designed by automobile architect giorgetto giugiaro

contessa combines beautiful and sleek frame designs with the most advanced operation functions. giugiaro design, a leader in italian industrial design, and okamura created this revolutionary office seating. contessa synthesises state-of-the-art italian design with technology to bring office to a new level of comfort, style and function.

ergonomic design

the elegant and natural form of contessa’s aluminum frame is perhaps its most arresting feature. The wide mesh back design effortlessly conforms to any posture for a perfect fit. giugiaro’s quest for the lightest and thinnest possible frame design and okamura’s expertise comes together to set a new standard for office seating comfort and personal style.

ergonomic concept

the contessa features comfortable seating and a synchro-reclining mechanism, as well as okamura’s own “smart operation” feature which enables the user to make adjustments to match the user’s natural posture while sitting. levers at the front of the armrests adjusts the seat height and reclining angle to achieve a whole new level of comfort and ease of use that is far superior to other office chairs.

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