Deciphering Alistair Cooke’s Quote

The main problem with enjoying early annihilation is whether you can actually tell if it’s coming or not.

Take this climate change/global warming bit. Some say it’s all man-made/some don’t, some say man won’t be able to live here soon/some disagree with how ‘bad’ it will get.

Both sides seem to forget that just a few decades ago we were running scared of the cold war breaking down and the nukes pushing us into a mini ice age (nuclear winter I think they called it.) And we had a volcano blow its stack that dropped the temperature a whole degree or so.

The problem with nuking ourselves cooler is of course what’s good for one place may not be so nice for the rest of the world. (I’d love to see summer highs of 27C in SATX, but I think NY and London might not like it that cool.

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A reminder not to procrastinate but to start re-examining and questioning if the governance of policies are truly honourable, our carbon footprint to mother Earth and our conscience to the Creator of the universe.

Perfect love drives out fear.

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