Endless Moments Of Pleasure Chapter #2 – Contemporary Beauty

Julia, travel writer, loves exploring the world. But it’s in the intimacy of her home that she adores travelling with her mind…

Contemporary Beauty tells us about sentiments and emotions, such as passion and dedication, love for the home and for travelling, confirming the view that “there’s nothing better than coming home”: a home that Julia, travel writer, is so passionate about that she is almost jealous of it, a home that captivates her and beckons her to “travel with her mind”.  A welcoming space in which she lives, dreams and works, a magical place where she feels pampered and protected.

The Connery seating system is the beating heart of the living area. Elegant, with a sophisticated design, it features exquisite craftsmanship and unique combinations of textures, such as its soft seat and stylish leather or wood shelves, where Julia loves keeping her precious books. An atmosphere of discreet elegance pervades the entire environment, making the furniture stand out from the backdrop  –  the Torii swivel armchair in soft nabuck leather, the Boteco coffee table and the Linha dining table with their fine marble tops – concurring to define the characteristics of a sophisticated lifestyle, mirroring Julia’s unique personality.

The large terrace, in continuous dialogue with the indoor space, naturally accommodates the sinuosity of the Florida seating system, complementing the Fynn armchairs and the Quadrado dining table and coffee tables. A series of soft, enveloping volumes, which invite Julia to relax, read a good book, or spend time with her dearest friends.