Roberto Lazzeroni x Poltrona Frau x NATURE x XTRA

A masterpiece of nature.

A unique block of marble in the world, a masterpiece of nature. A single piece. Discovered by Poltrona Frau and designed by Roberto Lazzeroni into an object of great character. Inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of the material, “Infinito“, a table-sculpture with an amazing scenic impact was created. More a work of art than a design object, the table Infinito cannot be replicated and has been produced in a limited, numbered and signed amount.

The Infinito∞ table sculpture
340×120 cm

Only 8 pieces in the world,
only one piece in XTRA

Serial number Artist II/VIII

The Infinito∞ table is available in two versions: a limited series of only 8 pieces in the large, double-oval shape, 340×120 cm, supported by two legs and another 64 pieces with an oval top, 220×124 cm, with a single base. XTRA has one piece of the 340×120 cm version with serial number Artist II/VIII.

A collaboration between artist and nature. Nature’s metamorphosis, coached into ART SCULPTURE. Under the vision of great artist and artisan craftsmanship, The Infinito only increases in beauty & value with time. To add into your collection, please submit your interest below and an XTRA representative will be assigned to assist you. Alternatively, you may also WhatsApp us at xxxxx.

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    Take Your Time Collection

    The Infinito table-sculpture is part of Poltrona Frau Take Your Time collection. For more info, you may visit