It is time to remodel the living room

Sofas and armchairs are the key.

A few months ago, many of us where complaining about spending little time at home, not being able to carry out those pending domestic tasks, due to our busy professional and social life, or not taking care of ourselves.

The normality we were used to changed radically in just a few days. A self-isolation was imposed as a real need, with its own hashtag #StayHome. We have been forced to stay in our homes and reorganize spaces to create flexible domestic environments and adapt them to different uses and activities. We have had the opportunity to do a rigorous inspection of which needs are met and which are not, if the current furniture meet the expected functions, and what we can improve to create comfortable and practical homey spaces that reflect our personality and make us happier. What we surely all agree on is that most of us have not invested and pampered our domestic spaces enough to feel truly comfortable in. If there is one good thing about this situation, it is the opportunity to make us reflect on what is really important and rearrange our hierarchy of needs.

One of the rooms that has shown its great versatility is the living room, and the sofa, without a doubt, is its main piece of furniture. Without forgetting the aesthetics, this should be a comfortable piece to enjoy while watching television, reading a book or simply as a place to disconnect.

The sofa is an essential complement to the home. Life happens around it whether in family or as the centre of social gatherings. Its size dominates the space, which increases the challenge when furnishing the living room. It can be combined with big armchairs or petite lounge chairs to create a cosy space, playing with volumes, textures and colours.

Investing in a long term quality design

When choosing a sofa, it is important to invest in a good quality piece of furniture, in addition to the aesthetic considerations of the interior design project.

A good design is conceived in terms of durability and its ability to age gracefully. For Sancal sustainability is a key factor as we reject the premise of the throw-away society. We design and manufacture long lasting sofas, not just due to the high quality materials used, but also for creating forms that will stand the test of time. Careful maintenance is essential to keep the sofa in the best condition, allowing them to age gracefully with added allure.

Designs to use and… use, pieces that are destined to become a classic. Models such as Tiptoe and Mousse are sober, rational and elegant and with their serene proportions and simple lines. They can be eternal protagonists, as discreet as the type of upholstery chosen to dress them.