As the #1 premium kitchen brand in Europe, LEICHT offers the best overall German kitchen system in the world with regards to quality and innovation, with its fully automated manufacturing facility, it is especially reliable in mega apartment projects. LEICHT brings respected European craftsmanship to an international audience, along with Bauhaus Le Corbusier foundation support, offers 100% customizable modern kitchen systems at project friendly price-tag matching the real estate intrinsic value with the perfect balance of design / engineering / reputation. A LEICHT kitchen is of lasting value. It is expression of individuality and personality. A contribution to a better quality of life. The LEICHT brand has inspired confidence and certainty for more than 80 years. It stands for power of innovation and contemporary aesthetics, based on principles of architecture and function. A pronounced love of detail and high flexibility when fulfilling customers’ special requirements make LEICHT kitchens unmistakable the choice kitchen.