Magis “Me Too” collection started in 2004, carrying the Magis vision into the realm of childhood. The collection of objects and furniture for children between the ages of two and six, made for little ones who take play very seriously, and with a healthy dose of fun. Children want to romp, discover the world and influence creatively, hence the objects are hard-wearing, robust and set hardly any limits to children’s creativity.


Matt Black
W50.5 X D95 X SH 47 / HT 71 cm
rm 3,838

Magis Proust

Matt Multicolour
W60/104 X D90 X SH39 / HT105 cm
rm 6,650


Black with White Details
W67 X D40 X HT 70 cm
rm 1,360

Puppy Large

Matt Green
W42 X D69.5 X SH 37.5 / HT 55.5 cm
rm 795

Puppy Extra Large

Matt Orange / Matt Green
W61.5 X D102 X SH 55 / HT 81 cm
rm 1,510


Matt White
W54 X D51 X HT 183 cm
rm 3,540

Happy Bird Small

Yellow with Yellow Paw
W38 X D35.5 X SH44.5 / HT 32.5 cm
rm 710

Happy Bird Large

Yellow / Orange with Natural Paw
W57 X D70 X SH 48.5 / HT 66.5 cm
rm 2,060

Moments of Ingenuity

W100 X HT 70 cm
rm 1,160

Fish Small

Metal Mesh Painted in Epoxy Resin