Mobile Tables For A Comfortable WFH Experience

Work standing or work sitting, having this flexibility helps productivity, concentration and improves overall health. Let your table adapt to your work style freely, comfortably and safely. While we may work on a desk at our workplace, it might not be the same at home. Without a proper table, it can easily cause bad posture or backaches. Mobile tables provide a stable base and an optimum height, which in turn helps the user to sit straight while working. This would make activities like video calling, eating and reading much more comfortable for our bodies and hands, reducing the stress on our muscles. Here are three mobile tables for your consideration.

1) Okamura Stafit

Perfect ergonomic fit for today’s free-style studying positions.

Stafit is a standing or height adjustable desk for the “fit your learning posture” concept. Table top height adjusts to match different body types and postures for all kinds of active learning situations. Casters allow the quick moving of desks to change layouts. Full options include undershelves and whiteboard hooks.


  • standing desk
  • height adjustable
  • active learning
  • collaborative learning
  • easy to move
  • award winning

Winner of iF Design Award 2018