Okamura Luce

Designed to be flexible and to adapt to your needs

The Luce is designed to provide multi-purpose seating, and was developed in collaboration with the Italian industrial design firm, Giugiaro Design. It uses innovative technologies to fit with your body throughout all postural changes from sitting to standing. In addition to its use as an ergonomic multi-purpose office chair, it is also an attractive item for the home.

Features | Smart Relaxation Seat

The forward tilted seat gently greets the body and supports the eating to ease the weight load to the thighs and the lower back.

The forward tilted seat flexibly adjusts the angle of seating at the maximum of 15 degrees for a proper seating position from an ergonomic aspect.

The backrest reclines up to 15 degrees with the synchro-tilt function for maximum comfort.

Features | Smart Relaxation Seat

Features | Robot Leg Technology

Whether it’s used in a common office areas with hot desking systems such as sales offices or in conference rooms, the robotic leg automatically adjusts to provide different users with an optimum ergonomic fit.

Luce naturally responds to a fast-paced work environment where people are often on-the-move.

From large meetings to smaller discussions, Luce has endless possibilities to expand not just on how space is utilized, but also on the one’s ideas.

Environmental | Crafted to Care

  • Designed to be durable.

  • Made from recycled materials (43% by product weight).

  • Developed and manufactured through an ISO14001 managed operation with minimal use of environmentally hazardous substances.

  • 96% recyclable.

  • Main components are labeled and easy to disassemble to aid recycling.

  • GREENGUARD certified for low chemical emissions.

Award | Good Design Award

The Luce won the Good Design Award in 2011. The G-markhas been a sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan since 1957.