The fusion of beautiful form with functional design.

A new standard of seating that combines functionality with sustainability. Potam’s design features soft forms with lightweight styling to match a variety of interiors and personal styles. The compact size and shape make it suitable for either the office or home use. All the functions are highly adjustable, the adjust levers are highly visible, straightforward and accessible.

Environmental Considerations

The chair’s design allows for partial assembly delivery, which improves truck loading efficiency by 50%, reducing shipping costs and the environmental impact of transportation. The combination of functionality, comfort, and sustainability makes this chair a great choice for anyone looking for an ergonomic and environmentally conscious seating option.

Rebirth of High Performance Polymers

Resource recovery : High performance plastic recovered from recycled material of old leg bases and is later incorporated into performance plastic for the new leg bases.

Renu and Re:net

Renu fabric, utilizes recycled yarn made from fabric waste recovered from the fashion industry, also Re:net is utilizing REAMIDE recycled nylon threads made from used fish nets.

Improved Delivery Efficiency

The lightweight design (less than usual office chair) and partial assembly for delivering products improves fuel efficiency and therefore reduces CO2 emissions.

The chair design is sustainable, with a focus on using recycled materials and a resource recovery system for disassembly. Performance resin from old chairs is incorporated into new legs, and the chair fabric features 100% recycled content, such as RENU made from waste from the fashion industry and RE:NET made from recycled fishing nets.

Characteristics of Potam chair

The chair is designed with a lightweight and compact form that reduces weight by 30% compared to standard office chairs, making it easy to move and handle. Potam’s soft and adaptable shape allows it to fit seamlessly into any workspace at the office or at home. The design of the chair features democratic functions with highly visible, straightforward and accessible adjust levers , making it easy to adjust for all users.

Shoulder Support

The shoulder support integral design, fits cleanly on to the backrest, thus helping to eliminate unwanted gaps.