pk22™ and pk61™

the exclusive pk22™ and pk61™ were designed by poul kjærholm in 1956, a man with a love for nature and raw materials. his use of iconic lines are easily recognised by the sea, in the horizon of trees and in the untamed marble.

furniture architect poul kjærholm

poul kjærholm was inspired by the natural surroundings of where he grew up. the natural materials and colours became a repeated theme throughout his beautiful collection. the important thing was to express the personality of the material – not the personality of poul kjærholm. he pushed materials to their limits to show the beauty in the strength and the strength in the naturalness. he was dedicated, even obsessed, with long-lasting quality when it comes to materials and construction.

his favorite material was steel, followed by natural materials such as stone, leather, halyard and canvas. he used few geometric forms such as the rectangle, square, circle and the cube – always in hard material combined with a soft one. the components are few and repeated again and again in his constructions.

his creations are architectures dominated by transparent, continuous and repeated themes. his signature is simplicity.

exclusive materials

royal nubuck: stone
royal nubuck is pure aniline leather. each hide is unique with an extreme exclusive expression. the surface is “sanded” to achieve the desirable velvet look. over time the surface will become shinier and the colour will lose some of its intensity.
steel: anthracite grey
the favorite material of poul kjærholm – steel – has got a new and relevant appearance with electro plated anthracite on a transparent surface.
marble: petra
the pk61™ table top is made in petra marble in the color grey with distinctive white veins. petra marble originates from ancient persia and has a matte polished surface which is easy to maintain.

room for imagination

republic of fritz hansen™ presents the subtle silhouette of a genuine design classic in a special edition available for purchase, until 1st april 2020. the leather upholstery is texture rich and the warm grey colo