Name of Monograph : Intelligence in Our Hands (272 pages)
Author : Mario Piazza, the director of Abitare
Publisher : Rizzoli New York

The 272 pages monograph “Intelligence in Our Hands” was initiated by Poltrona Frau to celebrate the company turning 100 years old in year 2012. Poltrona Frau, one of Italy’s most iconic brand, has been defining its sophisticated expertise in handcrafted workmanship since 109 years ago.

An excellent researched compilation which highlighted 100 years of historical records across world political happenings, popular culture, movies industry, architecture adjacent with the entire corpus of Poltrona Frau design work. A journey through time via iconic pieces of past and present maestros and great architects – Achille Castiglioni, Renzo Piano, Frank Gehry, Norman Foster, Jean Nouvel, Richard Meier, Jean Marie Massaud, Roberto Lazzeroni among others. Associated with brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney LA and many more.

A rare journal certainly sought after by collectors. The e-book is merely a sneak peek of lesser pages, but nothing like the touch of Hardcover.

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