The “Ruscello”, which means “stream” in Italian, is a luxurious reclining chair by internationally renowned furniture brand Okamura. Incorporating all the advanced ergonomic and design elements that the brand is known for.


The mesh-covered backrest provides breathability and embraces the body to provide personalized comfort. On top of that, its transparent mesh affords the chair its sleek design that doesn’t dominate the room, making it also ideal for home use. The yarn is made from a twisted elastic thread using a special technique in order to attain comfort and breathability akin to that of a hammock.


The Ruscello is fitted with the brand’s independently developed ankle tilt reclining mechanism and advanced ergonomics with variable urethane foam stiffness.

The control levers located at your finger tips under the armrests allow for easy adjustment of both its height and reclining angle.

Smart Operation

Urethane Foam with Variable Stiffness

Advanced Reclining and Height Adjustment Mechanism