Circularity at heart
– USM and Sustainability


USM evolving with you – our understanding of sustainability

Rethink, redesign, revalue sums up our understanding of sustainability. This starts before the product with the question of individual needs. During its lifespan, USM can be redefined again and again – this makes USM a valued, consistent companion for life, and generations.

What and how much do you really need? What purposes should a piece of furniture serve? Experienced consultants and virtual planning tools enable us to support you to create a bespoke and conscious purchase. So that you get exactly what you really need, tailored to your current requirements. But don‘t worry, once furniture has been designed, it can always be rethought and adapted to new circumstances.

Each piece is unique, planned and assembled especially for you. Our furniture is designed to be forever reconfigured. Thanks to the high-quality finish and clever design, all components can be exchanged and extended at any time without any problems. This leads to limitless creative freedom, more individuality in design and almost infinite cycles of use.

Thanks to the high quality, colours that never fade and a 100% modular system, decades-old USM furniture can be seamlessly combined and upgraded with new components. We believe a product that adapts to your style, your life, your changing needs is relevant and loved. USM furniture is a valuable companion for life, across generations.

Our vision – Becoming a fully circular business

We want to extend circularity principles beyond our products. That means adopting circularity principles throughout our company – from our product development to our manufacturing, from our communications to our supply chain, operations and the expertise of our people.