XTRA is working with Recyclothes using our wardrobe brand Lema to display donated pieces of preloved designer bags. Proceeds from sale of these articles will be channelled to Recyclothes for their charity work.

How It Works


  1. Calling our invited guests to donate their preloved designer bags (which otherwise is tucked away in the wardrobe gathering dust) to Recyclothes, SPREAD LOVE WITH PRELOVED
  2. XTRA will contact Recyclothes and select pieces to showcase in XTRA Lema wardrobe.
  3. The donated bags from (1) will be catalogued digitally in this landing page.
  4. As this is a charity initiative, we call for grace from invited guests. Please donate only original. Knowing that your preloved can benefit others who will enjoy this purchase, and the proceeds go to helping the less fortunate in education, creating jobs and some stability in society.


  1. Interested buyers may view from this page, and make their payment directly to Recyclothes, who will give XTRA at least 7 working days’ notice to book the display artist to remove the sold bag from display, and to put new pieces back in Lema wardrobe.
  2. As this is a charity initiative, we call for grace from interested buyers. There is no trying allowed, there is no refund, no exchange allowed.
  3. The displayed items are by display artist until she changes the display. Interested buyers may view the items through Lema wardrobe.
  4. As seen through the image above, there is on display a preloved Chloe deer skin bag, and a vintage YSL bag. This is just an example of what XTRA display artist may display for sale.

About Recyclothes

Recyclothes embraces sustainable fashion with a conscience. It is a social enterprise bringing fair equality to all women to dress for success, enabling self expression in style and is accessible to all. Recyclothes is a concept boutique that sells carefully selected second hand items, donated by the public. The proceeds are recycled into the welfare of underprivileged communities. Find out more here.

About Lema